ceiling lamp - 2009 - 2018

ceiling luminaire. painted steel structure. finish paunted. integrated dimmable led module.


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c-yl - ceiling lamp with a distinctive feature.

ceiling luminaire. painted steel structure. integrated dimmable led module.

accentuates the space

feeling the light means connecting with it for a new reading. c-yl, led ceiling lamp that is not a simple lamp but a real design object. the light projects the shadow that draws things, from its structure a visible world is born all around it. every crack of it is light.

illuminate the research

light is for us always synonymous with desire to do, rebirth and positivity; it is the light that gives the hue to places, which makes them empathetic and unforgettable... this is how the c-yl ceiling lamp expresses its essence, research and aesthetics. suitable for any environment.

continuous cycle of contrasts

c-yl is an indoor led ceiling lamp with steel structure and an integrated led module of 6w 3000k dimmable in the standard version and 12w in the plus version. available finishes such as totalwhite, totalblack and painted bruinito. also available in suspension and floor applications.

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