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ceiling lamps

choose the ceiling lamps from our collections, find design solutions to illuminate any space in any style of furnishing project, with the made in Italy taste of Vesoi products since 1981.

designer lamps and chandeliers

i led spotlights, for example, are ceiling lamps that can create the optimal light condition in common areas of public and private spaces; hotel lobbies, conference rooms, offices or professional studios.

the ar111 lamps, such as the puntina, tiges-t16, tubetto, the new budino or the best sellers multiplo and palla; are instead ceiling lamps to furnish all environments with light. individually or in series or in compositions, design environments with adjustable light can be created, if you are looking for high quality modern lighting.

ceiling lamps such as palla, e19 and multiplo are instead chosen by designers, architects and interior designers from all over the world for their  aesthetic essence.

design and custom-made ceiling lamps

thanks to the ability and experience, and to the efficiency of our technical dept, we are able to satisfy every lighting need required by the client.

the lamps in the catalog can be customized to meet the different needs for your interiors: finishes, color of cables, characteristics and dimensions of the luminaires are made to order, to complete each project, with this designer ceiling lamps.

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we are available for further information and to answer your questions about the vesoi ceiling lighting collections and products for . fill out the contact form or call for assistance, we will reply as soon as possible.

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