vesoi lighting international

in the early eighties mario de rosa, entrepreneur / designer, began to produce the first lighting fixtures by developing an expressive language in constant evolution. glass tradition, territory, research and passion are a fundamental part of the path that has led us to today. a new industrial and cultural approach, a way of feeling innovation with solutions that arise from the synergy between lightness, form and thought, where lights and shadows define our spaces.

we produce light with passion. for us it is also to provide tools to those who design to create something simple and extraordinary together, it is to go beyond the device, a way of thinking and being as well as the ability to represent today's interdisciplinary culture.

vesoi project is to offer solutions for spaces. our commitment to suggest a different culture of light centered on the flexibility of true microarchitectures, including domestic ones, certain that good light ... also means good quality in living space.

  • 1981


    when it all began. tradition and industry come together, born vesoi  
  • 1998


    production unit of the triveneto starts
  • 2009


    first integrated led circuit boards
  • 2017


    il  l i b r o d e l f a r e a lot of space for images
  • 2020


    light based on flexibility of use and configuration